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Looking for delicious eats? Bramwell, West Virginia may be small, but we are full-to-bursting with flavorful dining options. You may be craving burgers and fries, handmade milkshakes, grilled carbon tacos, hand-crafted coffee drinks, or artisanal pastries. We have them all. 

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151 Main Street

Bramwell, West Virginia 24715

(304) 409-6011

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You don't need a big city to get the best freshly-brewed coffee and espresso drinks. The Honeycomb Cafe has a diverse specialty drink menu from lattes, cappuccinos to most of your favorite espresso concoctions. Not a coffee person? You'll absolutely die for the wide variety of baked pastries, brownies, breads, and other decadent treats. Don't forget, this little gem of a coffee shop serves up made-to-order breakfast and has a delectable selection of lunch items from soups, salads, and sandwiches. Come hang out with the locals right on Main Street!

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Casa Familia may be far from the border, but they serve up only the best traditional Mexican flavors. Chef Chepe conjures up the tastiest tacos, the cheesiest quesadillas and heaping fajitas hot and steaming to perfection fresh from the grill. If after all of that, and you still have room in your tummy, Amanda has the most scrumptious cheesecakes this side of the Allegheny Mountains. 

127 Main Street

Bramwell, West Virginia 24715



The Corner Shop has all of your old-fashioned ice cream parlor favorites. Order up handmade milkshakes, banana splits, or any one of their custom ice cream flavors scooped into freshly-made waffles cones. If you're hungry, try the hot and crispy pickle chips right out of the fryer or one of the carefully crafted burgers. Honor our mining history and try the homemade traditional pepperoni rolls, the food that sustained the hardworking people of the hills. 

171 Main Street

Bramwell, West Virginia 24715

(304) 248-7632

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