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Tea on the Veranda

Updated: Jan 6

Imagine it’s a clear autumn day. The air is fresh and crisp with the sunlight warm and inviting, kissing the roofs of the buildings on Main Street in the downtown area of Bramwell, West Virginia. The birds on wing singing their tunes overhead and the last vestiges of summer clinging to the foliage, but the locals all know, Fall is just around the corner. With its vibrant colors, cool nights and perfect light-sweater weather, the town whispers of a much-anticipated event. Steeped in history and wrapped in the picturesque, the high-fashioned ladies of Bramwell, step onto the veranda anxiously awaiting the social event of the season. “Tea on the Veranda”, held last Saturday September 24th, 2022 at the historic Edward Cooper mansion on Main Street is always adorned in period décor, swathed in true small-town hospitality and transports even the most unimaginative guest back to 1910.

This amazing event, hosted and planned by a sixth generation descendant of the iconic Cooper family, Erin Eller of Exclusive Events by Erin LLC went off without a hitch. Erin welcomed all of her guests at the front gate attired in true Edwardian fashion and graciously ushered each and every one to the stage of high society meets afternoon tea. This event embraced all of your favorite early 20th century delights, complete with Petit Fours, fluted and iced Madeleines, and an assortment of delicate tea sandwiches all catered by the increasingly popular Honeycomb Cafe of Bramwell, West Virginia (where I might add serves the very best espresso drinks rivaling even the most craftiest of craft coffee shops).

“Tea on the Veranda” was resplendent in handmade vintage table linen, family heirlooms of fine china, soft Victorian strains, and even an impromptu live performance by local singer and songwriter Je’Dah Madison of Princeton, West Virginia. Delicious food, refreshing beverages and great friends all came together to make this one magical and enchanting afternoon.

Kelly Eller Murphy, 5th generation of the Cooper family, regaled the guests with a brief, but enlightening chronicle of the family dating back to its English roots and encouraged guests to take pictures next to the amazing fish pond on the extraordinary and exquisitely-groomed grounds.

Fifty dollars may seem like a pretty penny to attend, but in a town famously and lovingly referred to as a “Town of Millionaires”, what is fifty dollars to attend the exclusive “Tea on the Veranda”? Where else can you experience a magnificent and memorable afternoon all while supporting the Cancer Society in honor of Evelyn Cooper Murphy, Janet Eller Gomez Yanis, and Michelle Williams Myers?

For more information on how to support your local event planner Erin Murphy owner and operator of Exclusive Events by Erin LLC visit her on the web at Be sure to stay up-to-date on all things Bramwell, West Virginia by visiting and follow the Bramwell Advocate Blog at

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