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What I see when I look from an “Outsider” point of view.

Dennis Marcello

Opportunity: Where others see crumbling abandoned homes, businesses, and Schools. I see Opportunity. Why these structures are in the condition they are in is Local history, but to an Outsider it’s an Opportunity.

Unequivocal: Without doubt or hesitation, and complete certainty I knew this town was a place I wanted to be in. I did not grow up here, I did not want to leave this place as a Local might as they see this town from their eyes, decades of poor leadership leading to years of economic depression, loss of property value, and a flight of the younger population to other places. But to an Outsider, if this little coal town just had some positive forces working in it, it could be a Diamond.

Tourism: Many people never travel away from their homes. As such if you are a local and you see this town every day, it becomes normal and mundane. But to an Outsider this town is full of history, grand homes, and peace and quiet that can only be found in small town America. A perfect place to get away for a while, to step back in time to walk a brick street.

Safety: Small town America is where everyone knows their neighbor, the good and the bad news can all be found out in just a few minutes at the local coffee shop, the post office, or church. Local feuds that have been going on for years or generations are not a problem for an Outsider, we just see a small, peaceful community.

Investment: As an Outsider I have made money some other place, that I wish to invest in this town. As a local that opportunity may have not been afforded to you as the past leadership didn’t ensure businesses and jobs stayed in the area.

Development: As an Outsider I understand growth and development are needed to keep a town alive, without it the Locals will grow old and die, leaving nothing but decaying empty buildings that others will have to deal with.

Economy: As an Outsider I bring with me funds to fuel the local economy. I provide additional taxes, I make local purchases, I hire local workers.

Recovery: As an Outsider I know that Opportunity is Unequivocally tied to Tourism, that the Safety of the tourist, and the town is a key part of the Investments that need to be made to ensure Development of our Economy leading to a long term and lasting Recovery. To a Local, recovery is something that is a dream, unreachable as they have lived the downfall and destruction.


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