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Meeting at The Depot

Updated: Jan 6

July 21, 2022

The Town of Bramwell did not have a monthly town meeting for July 2022. We are not exactly sure why, except that the mayor did not put any specific items on the agenda. As you may recall, the last town meeting was a special meeting scheduled to address the contract for the work to be done at the fallen Episcopal Church and to hire a new police officer. Since then, the painting of the two railcars at the Train Depot has been completed and they look very nice and fresh on the outside. The tobacco car, owned by the Town of Bramwell, was not part of the project. It would be wonderful to see that car refreshed at some point. Hopefully work can be done to clean up the insides of the cars as well. A little bit of trash removal and tidying up can go a long way.

There were three great events in town over the last month. Erin Eller, Exclusive Events by Erin, held a beautiful “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” party at the Masonic Lodge. Dozens of ladies and a few gentlemen joined the event. Several were dressed in lovely attire and fun accessories. Breakfast was provided by the Honeycomb Café and Lathe Ellis, a local photographer, took photos to commemorate the fun. You can reach out to Erin if you need assistance planning any upcoming special occasions. Late June hosted a weekend full of reunions. Several folks came into town to celebrate another Bramwell High School Reunion, as well as some Bramwell family reunions. The weekend however did not go off without a hitch. There was a water boil in effect and several trees fell on power lines, causing outages throughout Bramwell for a large part of the weekend. Appalachian Power and Bluewell PSD worked very hard and long hours to get services restored. Fourth of July weekend was also busy for Bramwell. Saturday, July 2nd, we had a concert at the Train Depot. Followed up by karaoke and fireworks display on the 4th of July. The fireworks were a fantastic display, lasting almost a full hour. The light show was a collaboration between the town and Mr. James Workman. Both parties purchased fireworks for the event and set them off high on Bramwell Hill Road so the whole town could see and enjoy. There was a large crowd for the event and the lights were spectacular.

A few days after the 4th, work began on the collapsed Episcopal Church. Crews have been steadily working on removing the debris and salvaging some of the stained-glass windows and beams. It has been a big project, perhaps more than was originally anticipated. It’s been encouraging to see many of the concerned citizens of Bramwell keeping a vigilant eye on the work being performed. No update has been provided on when the work will be completed.

As a side note on town churches, the Wesleyan Church appears to be for sale. If anyone is interested or know someone who is, there is a realty sign out front.

Since there was no town meeting for this month, we have no updates on whether new ATV route signs have been ordered or when they will be installed. We also do not have an update on Mr. Tucker Workman’s letter to the mayor regarding concerns about work needing to be done on the Town Hall to improve its appearance, specifically fresh paint. We are looking forward to the next town meeting, hopefully in August. We would like you to join your fellow Bramwell citizens there.

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